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Swagelok Southern California

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Chemical and Refining

chemical and refining

Process and analytical instrumentation are the core of any chemical refining plant. They help ensure product quality and high yield rates with maximum production throughout your operation. Swagelok is an industry expert when it comes to analytical systems that provide leak-tight, cold work solutions for complex and corrosive fluid applications. Our company has extensive experience in manufacturing analytical systems, fluid system assemblies as well as a full range of liquid and gas grab sample panels and sample cylinders.

evaluation and advisory servicesAs working knowledge of your analytical systems is decreased due to the general ebb and flow of workforce attrition from age and budget, Swagelok Southern California can help you manage these challenges by offering technical and practical courses from tube fitting installation and tube bending for maintenance purposes to ensuring safe and efficient systems with our Process Analyzer Sampling System and Sampling System Problem Solving & Maintenance classes. Additional onsite services can be provided through our various fluid system evaluation and advisory services that document and make recommendations to correct any existing issues preventing efficiency and/or cost effectiveness in your operations.

Improved fluid systems can yield:

  • Reduction in labor required for maintenance
  • Improved process efficiency through high performance rotating equipment, heating systems, and reactors
  • Optimized  performance of utilities
  • Improved energy intensity metrics