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swagelok hydrogen solutions

Hydrogen fuel cell technology requires high-integrity fluid system components to fill and store hydrogen in cylinders and transfer it to the fuel cell on the vehicle. Swagelok offers a wide range of fluid system components for use in many types of hydrogen-related applications including the infrastructure that produces, transports, compresses, stores, and fills cylinders with hydrogen and for on-vehicle use.

Reliable performance on hydrogen vehicles mean the components used in building their systems need to meet specific demands of withstanding vibration in the critical connections. For safety concerns, we understand that gas leaks are totally unacceptable; and for maintenance purposes, parts must be easy to install and locally available at a moment's notice.  

Design and Assembly

Swagelok has developed local solutions to meet these needs — ranging from individual components to complete custom assemblies — we're here to help you overcome any challenges and more. Swagelok Southern California's Custom Solutions team has certified technicians readily available to assemble a few components to complete fluid systems, including gas filled panels, or fluid system assemblies to integrate into dispensers, compressors, and fuel line solutions. From start to finish, we work closely with you to ensure we understand the application and are developing and assembling the configuration that most completely meets your needs.

Swagelok Components for Hydrogen Fuel Systems

Swagelok's alternative fuel components are designed to deliver the highest level of safety, reliability, and high performance for on-vehicle and infrastructure applications. Trust our high-quality family of components and connections, backed by the Swagelok Limited Lifetime Warranty, that are designed to withstand the unique demands inherent to hydrogen containment and transfer.

Solutions include:

fk series fittings


Swagelok understands that your time is valuable. However, optimum care and maintenance of your fluid systems ensures or prevents costly and unnecessary downtime. You can also read more from Swagelok experts about why you might choose hydrogen mobility.

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