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Swagelok Southern California

Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center

Design, Fabrication & Assembly Services

swagelok design and assembly service

A reduced work force, smaller budget, and tighter schedules, doesn't mean your fluid system operation needs to suffer. Swagelok Southern California is your local provider of design and assembly services, large or small. 

Your Resource for Fluid System Design & Assembly

onsite fluid system checkup

If you're short on manpower, we can provide an extra set of hands whether you need design assistance, tube welding or bending, or an entire fluid system assembly. Our Custom Solutions team is Swagelok certified to help you build professional, repeatable solutions that are tested, inspected, packaged, and include Swagelok's Limited Lifetime Warranty.

We work closely with you to understand and provide the product and service best suited for your application and project needs using Swagelok's own high quality fluid system components and your parameters.


Configurable. Local. Reliable.

Our Swagelok engineers have created a variety of standard assemblies and panels that are easily configurable depending on your fluid system requirements. Start by selecting one of our existing designs and make the adjustments to meet your specific plant operation needs. 

swagelok grab sample system swagelok mechanical seal support system swagelok gas distribution panel

Grab Sampling Systems

Swagelok® grab sampling systems help provide a safe and efficient method for sample capture that also ensures a consistent result for testing.

Mechanical Seal Support Systems

Swagelok® seal support systems follow API 682 guidelines and are designed to avoid pipe threads to limit the number of leak points wherever possible. 

Gas Distribution Systems

Swagelok gas distribution systems safely deliver gases at the specific pressure and flow rate required by the application. Our gas distribution panels can help you avoid problems that may cause leaks or downtime.