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Swagelok Southern California

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Tech Talk Webinars

Do you have 30 minutes to spare during your day? Swagelok Tech Talk webinars are hosted by Swagelok-certified instructors who have years of experience in their field of expertise in addition to an expansive career with Swagelok Company. Our goal is to better inform you on our products and services so that your operations may run at their optimum in quality, safety, and efficiency. 

TechTalks are all free 30-minute sessions followed a short Q&A and are generally scheduled for Thursdays at 11 am pacific time. Questions or requests for more information may be directed to our marketing team.

2021 TechTalks

Date Topic  
Jan 14 Materials Science Basics, Part 1 watch
Feb 11 Materials Science Basics, Part 2 watch
Mar 11 Materials for High Purity Systems and Service watch
Apr 8 Materials for Oxygen Systems and Service watch
May 13 Materials for Hydrogen Systems and Service watch
Jun 15 Fundamentals of Additive Manufacturing watch
Jul 15 How to Develop the Right Grab Sampling System for Your Plant watch
Aug 12 Improve the Safety and Efficiency of Your Gas Distribution Systems watch
Sep 16 Fundamentals for a Safe & Reliable Seal Support System watch
Oct 14 Five Steps to Selecting a Pressure Regulator watch
Nov 11 Pressure Regulator: The Right Sizing & Selection for your Operations watch

Visit our Events page for a current calendar of training events.

Hose Selection and Troubleshooting Series

hose selection techtalk 1

Part 1

Understanding the fundamentals of hose selection helps to extend hose production cycles, ensure safety, and lower total cost of ownership.  This TechTalk dives into the variables impacting the hose selection process and discusses Swagelok's STAMPED method, the seven key factors to choosing the right hose for your application. Also included will be touches on troubleshooting the causes for failure as well as how to avoid some of these situations.

hose selection techtalk 2

Part 2

Part 2 in this series explain how to improve hose performance and reduce costly premature hose failures through proper hose selection. It includes discussion on the four steps to hose selection, when a hose needs to dissipate static charge, permeation differences in hose types, and how to avoid premature metal hose fatigue.

hose selection techtalk 3

Part 3

In this last installment, Doug Nordstrom discusses critical hose selection and performance considerations and takes a dive into PTFE (Teflon™) and metal hose considerations and hose failure modes and safety concerns.

Materials Science Basics Series

materials science basics 1

Part 1

The properties of the materials that comprise your fluid system components have significant impact on their compatibility and performance. By understanding the basics of their materials of construction, you will be better equipped to choose components that help achieve your operational goals. This webinar is hosted by Swagelok senior material scientist, Dr. Bob Bianco.

materials science basics part 2

Part 2

In Part 2 of this series, Dr Bianco continues on the introduction to materials science from Part 1 and discusses alloy performance in corrosive environments, including stress corrosion cracking and material selection for fluid system components.

Materials for High Purity Systems and Service

materials for high purity systems and service


Learn how to meet the rigorous demands and quality control requirements in high-purity industrial processes, and the importance of high-purity materials, manufacturing processes, and cleaning specifications to keep your operation reliable, consistent, and safe in this 30-minute webinar hosted by Dr. Bob Bianco.

Materials for Oxygen Systems and Service

techtalk oxygen systems and service


Learn  about the hazards and solutions when dealing with oxygen systems and service, as well as the various Swagelok and third-party products available for use with them. 30-minute webinar hosted by Dr. Bob Bianco.

Materials for Hydrogen Systems and Service

hydrogen systems and service techtalk


Learn how to properly select materials to combat against embrittlement and more in your applications that frequently utilize hydrogen. Also, learn about Swagelok hydrogen-compatible products that are certified to HV35 and HV70, and recommended maintenance to keep your fluid systems running as intended.

Fundamentals of Additive Manufacturing

techtalk fundamentals of additive manufacturing


Additive Manufacturing (AM) is the latest technology in 3D printing with the ability to produce lighter and stronger parts and systems in a shorter amount of time for industry applications such as aerospace, medical, and automotive. Dr. Bob Bianco gives you the basics of benefits and limitations of this new manufacturing process and how Swagelok products are involved.

How to Develop the Right Grab Sampling System for Your Plant

grab sampling system techtalk


Learn from Matt Dixon, Sr. Principal Design Engineer, how to understand the process factors involved in designing the right grab sampling system for your application that will consistently capture pure and representative product.

Improve the Safety and Efficiency of
Your Gas Distribution Systems

techtalk gas distribution systems


In this TechTalk webinar presented by Swagelok product manager, Karim Mahraz, you will learn about the common challenges with today’s industrial gas distribution systems and how to address them. Safely, reliably, and effectively delivering gases to where they are needed is the foundation for a strong operation.

Fundamentals for a Safe, Reliable
Seal Support System

seal support systems


Swagelok subject matter expert, Sean Hunsicker, discusses how maintaining lubrication and system pressure in a properly designed seal support system can save you time, reduce labor, and improve safety.

Pressure Regulators

5 steps to select pressure regulator

Part 1 - Five Steps to Selecting a Pressure Regulator

Swagelok Field Engineering Supervisor, Brian Aplin and Field Engineer, Derrick DiCesare, demonstrate how to select pressure regulators in five steps.

how to right size a pressure regulator

Part 2 - How to Right Size a Pressure Regulator for Pressure and Flow

Swagelok Company's subject matter expert, Brian Jalbert, continues the discussion on how to choose the right pressure regulator for your application.