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Swagelok Southern California

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semiconductor industry

The semiconductor industry is growing exponentially as technology continues to advance as well as the need for smaller and more efficient power sources for electronic devices. You can trust Swagelok to be there right along this growth, providing the necessary solutions to help keep these demanding manufacturing processes operating safely and efficiently. 

Superior Quality and Supply Chain Control

Corrosive gases, intense temperatures, and dosing accuracy are extreme conditions involved in the semiconductor application. Quality control also requires cleanliness and consistency throughout the production process. Swagelok's own recipes for stainless steels and alloys are formulated to provide the maximum corrosion resistance, strength, and ductility. Our fluoropolymers offer stability at high temperatures, as well as chemical and corrosion resistance. Our strict manufacturing process also guarantees consistency and raw material traceability. Superior cleanliness is also provided with electropolishing, in addition to specially cleaning and packaging all components. 

ald20 uhp valve

Precise Dosing

Swagelok's commitment to advancements within the semiconductor industry are supported with the recent introduction of the ALD20 UHP valve (Ultrahigh-purity Atomic Layer Deposition)This new valve gives semiconductor chip manufacturers the potential to not only boost outputs and improve efficiency, but to do so without significantly changing processes.

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