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Swagelok Southern California

Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center

Swagelok training programs provide a range of valuable and practical tools for meeting day-to-day challenges related to fluid system and sampling system design, operation, and maintenance. In-depth, hands-on courses taught by experienced instructors help both new team members and industry veterans. Find upcoming dates or schedule a course.

Course Offerings for Southern California

  • Tube Fitting Installation and Tube Bending Essentials Combined Course - Our most popular course offers back to back training in Tube Fitting Installation, Tube Fitting Safety and Tube Bending. While specific topics of focus can be specified for length, every class includes hands on instruction and demos, a practical exam and written test for comprehension, and is taught by a Swagelok-certified instructor. Lasting from five to seven hours with lunch included, this course is available in person or virtually. Attendees receive a certificate of completion.
  • Tube Fitting Installation Essentials - Up to four hours of focused instruction on safe and proper fitting assembly is available. The course includes demonstrations, hands on instruction, a practical exam and written test for comprehension and is taught by a Swagelok-certified instructor. This course is available in person or virtually and attendees receive a certificate of completion.
  • FK Medium Pressure Fitting Installation Essentials (NEW!) - This new course covers the basic criteria, variables, and considerations relevant to safely and effectively using FK tube fittings in medium-pressure gas and liquid systems. It addresses the product line in depth, with attention to effective installation and best practices. Attendees receive a certificate of completion. 
  • Cone and Thread Fitting Installation Essentials - For medium and high pressure systems, this course teaches installation practices to enable safe, optimal performance of cone and thread fittings as well as establishing maintenance and trouble-shooting techniques. 
  • Advanced Tube Bending - More connections means greater potential for system leaks. This deep dive course teaches proper tubing bending to eliminate unnecessary connections and leak points found in traditional welded pipe systems. Length of class can be customized, in particular, when additional hands on instruction is added. This course is taught by a Swagelok global subject matter expert. 
  • Orbital Welding - This is a highly involved and hands on training class, designed to teach the proper method for orbital welding using the Swagelok M200 welder. This course is taught by a Swagelok global subject matter expert and can include additional time for completion of the requirements for ASME Section IX certification. 
  • Sampling System Problem Solving & Maintenance (SSM) - Sampling systems are built to detect process problems before they become costly. Proper maintenance and understanding the sampling system designed for this process analysis is key. 
  • Process Analyzer Sampling Systems (PASS)Quality data is essential when designing and maintaining a sampling system. This five-day training course covers aspects of a sample system, from process line and tap through transport lines, stream switching, sample conditioning, analyzer and disposal.
  • The Analyzer Technician Training (ATT) - This 2-day course is offered for analyzer technicians, maintenance personal, and those new to sampling. It discusses basic concepts of sampling with attendees as an introductory course. Topics covered in this course include introduction to Process Analyzing, why are samples taken? Hazards associated with sampling, three main analytical goals, three general project goals to help identify common sample system faults, and more. This course will provide attendees with experience of how to recognize a problem, how to repair and maintain a sample system in a safe manner, and to practical troubleshooting to improve system accuracy and efficiency.
  • Tubing System Training Program (TSTP)This globally standardized two-day workshop is designed to address the International Oil & Gas Producers JIP33 S-716 requirement and provide thorough instruction on industry best practices for ensuring high-integrity tubing systems. It covers tube fitting installation and inspection, tube bending, FK fittings and other relevant topics.This hands-on training is ideal for installers, technicians, engineers, designers, QC/QA inspectors, and others responsible for designing, installing, maintaining, and/or inspecting tubing systems.

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