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Training Feedback

Essentials training has been offered in a virtual setting since mid 2020. Here is some feedback specific to the online course:

"Very informative. The safety aspect of good connections is crucial."

"They explained everything well and I was able to understand everything."

"Very thorough. Good practical exercise. Took time with each student."

In 2019, we trained almost 1,000 technicians, engineers, and operators in Tube Fitting Installation and Tube Bending. Feedback from participants continues to be very positive with these courses.

"Harry's presentation was off the charts, very informative and was well received by all personnel in attendance to include members from our Engineering and Quality teams. We definitely had several takeaways from the class that we will be looking to implement immediately here at our site, from tooling to bending and application practices.”

"The training went very well, and the speaker was very knowledgeable and engaged us in the presentation. I enjoyed it very much.”

"Amazing instructor!”

"Very hands on and detailed training. Definitely recommend this training course."

"Outstanding course, very informational and helpful”

"Covers in depth the entire process."

"It is important in test engineering that all are familiar with swaging”

"Very useful to understand how to design packages, how to ensure no leakage of a package, etc.”

"Lots of good quality recommendations on how to make leak free connections”

"Spectacularly complete and informative. I like the detail that Harry went into during training.”

"Very informative. Clarified a lot of misconceptions.”

"The training is very thorough and explains the product very well."

"Very informative for newer employees and good refresher for veterans.”

What did you feel was most effective and why?

"How to re-tighten a nut. There is a lot of over tightening going on. I myself like to go by the marks. The only way I know how to not over-tighten things.”

"Good overall knowledge of Swagelok fittings. Good to know and use around the shop to help work flow, with less rework.”

"The fitting, explaining why it works so effectively and what can cause leak/ failure”

"The handouts are great reference for future”

"Learning about the components that do the sealing. Presentation of what the front/back ferrule do when being swaged.”

"Installation procedures, procedures for disassembly & reassembly”

"The swaging examples”

"Demos and practicals. Guidance from instructor.”

"All! The instructor was very knowledgeable”

The hands-on exercises continue to be a favorite for attendees:

"The hands-on assembly. Much easier to learn by doing”
"The hands-on & practice portion because it allowed for the theory to be combined with the application.”
"The practical application portion. You get to physically feel the fittings pull up and form the seal.”
"The hands-on portion because it directly involves our work.”
"Hands-on exercises were very helpful.”
"Tube bending and cutting, assembly of Swagelok compression fittings. Need hands-on learning more than anything.”
"I feel that the hands-on portions were most effective because that is the best way for me and others to learn.”
"Good pace, great hands-on.”